How to realize the process of creating a new kitchen successfully?

Let’s start with the usual questions of a couple in love who encounter the concept of a new kitchen for the first time.
Where to start in the process of creating a new kitchen?
Which decor to choose?
What is important when choosing a worktop?
If we do not choose a high-quality worktop, we will have difficulties maintaining it afterwards.
So much advice from friends and family and we don’t know where to start.
Shall we choose a retro style kitchen, a kitchen in grey tones, wooden decor or even “break up” the kitchen with a bright colour?
Oh, we haven’t even decided yet which decor to choose, and how much trouble is still to come with the selection of white goods, sinks, taps…
Who can we contact for advice and kitchen design?

Is there a firm that offers custom-made kitchen design and architectural services for kitchen design and advice? And if they supervise the construction of the kitchen, it would be great!

Oh, there is? Who, where?

Gala Home – The concept of a modern home.

As a proud holder of various world-famous brands in the field of panel materials, fittings, white goods, sinks and taps and all materials needed to create a custom-made home, below we present our concept of creating a modern home.

A professional team with many years of experience offers the creation of architectural and conceptual solutions for all types of spaces.

We provide you with the following services:
– A conversation with our expert team of architects.
– Consulting services
– Development of preliminary and detailed design
– Creation of top-quality 3D visualizations
– Supervision during the production and assembly of furniture

Our goal is to facilitate your path to the realization of your wishes.
In the Gala Home Showroom, we offer you a presentation of Egger’s wide range of panel materials.

With expert, professional and friendly sales staff, in our Showroom you will get a presentation of Egger plate materials products and a realistic presentation of ideas and inspiration through ten showroom kitchens.

We invest in the details of our showroom kitchens in order to create a realistic image of ideas for your dream kitchen in your home.

The entire realization of the concept of your project is made possible by Gala Home.
We approach all your requirements professionally and come up with the best possible solutions through an individual approach.

You can make an appointment with our expert team of architects by calling: +387 36 370 113 and arrange the desired meeting at the Gala Home Showroom.

In addition to the conceptual solutions for making your home custom-made, we also offer the sale of white goods and sinks and taps for your kitchen.

We are a proud representative of the Amica brand of white goods.

With Amica white goods, cook quickly, clean easily and enjoy more with your family.

The Elica brand of kitchen range-hoods has literally conquered the world market.
It’s about efficiency, innovation and design in the range-hood market worldwide.

In addition to white goods, we offer the sale of sinks and taps, as a framework for fully equipping your dream kitchen.

The Blanco brand of sinks and taps is the leader on the world market in this field of activity.

At the beginning, we have shown the sweet pains and difficulties of almost all couples who encounter the process of creating a new kitchen.
We consider and proudly declare that we have successfully and qualitatively answered all questions through textual descriptions and appropriate photographs.

As we have previously mentioned,

the entire realization of the concept of your project is made possible by Gala Home.

Visit us at the Gala Home Showroom at the address: Put za Aluminij bb, 88 000 Mostar; or call us at:
+387 36 370 113.
📍 Bišće polje, 88 000 Mostar