PARKY – Multi-layer parquet

Parky is a multi-layer parquet that combines the warmth and unique design of real wood.
Parky is as easy to install and maintain as laminate flooring. However, there is a big difference between parquet and laminate, i.e. the top layer of Parky is real wood, not an imitation of a print like it is the case with laminate. What you see and feel is natural wood. There are no two identical trees, so every Parky board is unique.

High strength and resistance to scratches.
Parked floors are of extremely high strength. Our new Titanium finish has eight robust layers of varnish. This makes your floor almost scratch-resistant and ready for intensive use.

Great power

Parky wood, made of Titanium combined with a core of high-density fibre-board (HDF), makes your floor stronger and more dimensionally stable than any traditional solid or engineered wood floor.
You can be sure to use Parky in the most demanding places of your home, such as the kitchen or high-traffic areas in commercial purposes, such as hotel lobbies, offices, retail stores.

Waterproof surface

The Parky panel has a waterproof surface.
Combination with the Aqua Sealing Complete system, which protects and provides you with a 12-hour waterproof floor.

A sustainable choice

Wood is precious.
We use it sparingly and for the top treatment we use only a thin layer of wood.
Our trees come from sustainably managed forests, and each panel is 100% recyclable, participating as such in the circular economy.
We get energy from solar and wind production.
Sawdust and wood waste from our production plant are used for heating the floor surface.
The future is a CO2 neutral world.

Real wood

Feel the real wood.
The upper Parky board level is finished with a top layer of authentic wood species.
Just like a solid wood floor, there are no two panels that are the same.
Oak, teak or other species give beautiful natural look you are aiming for.
You can never find the warmth of wood in a fake wood.

A floor for healthier indoor air quality.

The Parky floor is finished with only water-based stains, VOC-free adhesives and solvent-free paints.
Indoor air quality has been scientifically proven to be improved with Parky flooring. All floors have an A + quality mark.



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