How to highlight the edges of the furniture using accent edge bands?

Details matter, don’t they??

They appear in people’s lives as little things, attention, style, creation, art and even a nice gesture.

But is it possible to be fascinated by the details in the creation of furniture?

Very much so!

Accent edge bands represent details in today’s view of furniture making.

Well, if you want to achieve the best possible impression when highlighting the edges of your furniture, read on.


Simple and economical creation of accents on the edges

Modern design at low costs

Skilful use of accents that will attract eyes

High visual and tactile quality

Availability in quantity of one reel

Simple processing

Certified safety for food contact

Scratch and abrasion resistance

Furniture design relies more and more on combining different materials.

You can choose to combine accent edge bands with uni decors (as shown in the photo) or choose a decor according to your desire and preference.

U200 ST9

H8956 ST10


Interior design

Fair stands and furnishing of sales premises

Office furniture and residential furniture

The accent edge bands in the new EGGER Decorative Collection show how a big effect can be achieved with little effort.

F120 PT

F8910 PM

Our EGGER ABS edge bands and PMMA accent edge bands clearly show how you can achieve the best possible impression with little effort.

Furniture design relies more and more on combining different materials.

Pull out all the stops to your creativity and combine the accent edge bands with a variety of decors.

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